Hidden amongst the broad beans, Goodwood Primary School is where we found Reuben Parker-Greer – our first 24CG Project Manager for the six schools in Glenorchy. The school garden at Goodwood started in 2010 with a small seed fund from Feeding the Future. Between 2009 and 2013, Reuben was supported by Principal Bonnie Jeffrey and her passionate team of staff to integrate the garden activities into the curriculum with a strong focus on sustainability.

With the inception of 24 Carrot Gardens in 2013, Reuben joined us at Mona with his Garden TA role taken over by Alice Watt. Alice has previously been a dedicated volunteer of the school’s garden/sustainability programs since 2010, and also works as the Garden TA at Gagebrook Primary.

Architects Peter Booth and Jennifer Lorrimar-Shanks worked through the design consultation with the school community to look at which areas could be further developed. Central features included an outdoor undercover area with an edible shade canopy and increased food production areas.

Kitchen and Garden Stories

The Sunflower Project

by Sue Bullen, Alice Watt and Leanne Flakemore, March 16, 2016